About the fair

About the Stanwood ● Camano Community Fair

The Stanwood ● Camano Community Fair organizes an annual Fair that promotes an appreciation for our agricultural heritage, provides education about the role agriculture plays in life today while providing youth with a hands-on experience. The annual fair is a social gathering place where family values are honored and individuals of all ages are entertained. The mission of the organization is further accomplished by generating revenue via rental of the facilities during the off-season, and promoting agriculture as a way of life.

The Fair dates back to 1932 as a one-day harvest celebration.  Organization of this fair was by the Stillaguamish Grange that also provided the site.  In the early 1960's, the Grange turned operation of the fair over to a Board of Directors elected from the Stanwood-Camano community.  The Fair Board consists of 24 Directors serving 3 year terms.  Volunteers still handle all operations of the fair in coordination with the Fair Manager.  It takes about 400 volunteers to get the Fair open and running for the 3-day event.  The Fair is a non-profit organization.  Money is earned by the gate and by donations reimbursement by the Department of Agriculture for premium money given to exhibitors.  The Fair has continued to grow through the years.   Despite the large growth, the Fair's main focus has remained constant-agriculture and youth.  One reason the attendance has grown so dramatically is the need for wholesome events designed for good old-fashioned family fun.  The Fair has nearly 700 exhibitors showing more than 3,400 exhibits. These exhibits include everything from small and large animals to baked goods, agricultural products, clothing, horticulture, flowers, arts & crafts, and many others  The Fair pays out $12,000 in premium money and awards to its exhibitors. 


To be "The Best Lil' Fair in the West"


To organize, promote, and carry out a combined agricultural, domestic, commercial, and

industrial fair as a source of pride for the Stanwood ● Camano community.


1.  To educate.

2.  To showcase accomplishments of our community.

3.  To provide entertainment.

4.  To challenge our youth to learn more about agriculture and careers.


The primary purpose is to educate, arouse interest, inform, and entertain the people in the  Stanwood ● Camano community and to promote the youth activities of the area.