SCCF Building and Ground Rentals

Stanwood-Camano Community Fair rents its facilities for events public and private. Individual buildings or grounds can be rented. Specifics including pricing of the rentals are below:

Bonnie Susan Cole Hall User Fees

  • $2500 Bonnie Susan Cole Building
    • Alcohol is permitted & security provided
    • Maximum of 6 hours of alcohol served
  • $1500 Bonnie Susan Cole Building (rental events NOT serving alcohol)
  • $750 Non-Profit Rental of the Bonnie Susan Cole Building 501(c)(3) proof must be provided)

Grounds & Outbuilding User Fees

  • $2500 Grounds or Outbuilding Rental with Alcohol being served (Security provided)
  • $600 Soccer Field and Outdoor Restrooms
  • $500 Livestock Facilities: Palaniuk Swine Hall and Outdoor Restrooms
  • $500 Horse Arena and Outdoor Restrooms
  • $500 Grounds and Outdoor Restrooms

Damage Deposit

  • $300 Private Events with no food and no alcohol service
  • $500 Private Events serving food but no alcohol
  • $1000 Private Events serving food and alcohol

Specifics Regarding Rentals

  • All rentals and usage of the fair facilities requires a completed rental contract, deposit fee, special events permit and proof of insurance.
  • A signed contract and $100 deposit will allow the event to be scheduled onto the rental calendar. The remainder of the deposit is required 30 days prior to the event.
  • Use of the Bonnie Susan Cole Building or Grounds / Outbuildings is for a period of 24 hours.
    • If additional time is required to set-up or break down your event, you may request a 3pm early admission or 12 noon late departure. There is a $100 fee for either request.
  • The above rental fees are for events serving 255 attendees or less. Any event over 255 attendees must negotiate additional rental fees as approved by the SCCF Executive Committee.
  • The fee for an event with alcohol service includes a mandatory two person security detail.
  • The damage deposit is refundable and due 30 days prior to your event. The damage deposit will be retained for the following purposes:
    • Damage to buildings or grounds
    • Non-compliance of the Rental Check Off List (see attached)
    • If Law Enforcement is contacted to enforce the noise ordinance.
    • Alcohol use at non-alcohol events.
    • Misconduct of guest(s) requiring Law Enforcement intervention.
    • False fire alarms caused by negligence or vandalism.

Below are forms regarding the rental and use of buildings and facilities

of the Stanwood-Camano Community Fair.

Please call the fair office: 360-629-4121 or e-mail for any questions about building and grounds rentals